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Sundays at 9:15 am
Pastor Dean Huber with his wife Cheryl

Pastor Dean & Cheryl Huber

(Lead Pastor)

At the age of 13 while I was attending a Youth Bible Camp, I repented of my sin and asked Christ to come into my life. That evening, it felt like a load was taken off my shoulders and joy filled my life. That was the starting point of my walk with Christ and my growth is continuing to this very day.

As Lead Pastor, here at the Bergthaler church, it is an absolute thrill to work with a team committed to introducing people to Jesus Christ and helping them to become fully devoted followers of Him.

It is a privilege for me to be able to serve here and I invite you to be part of the family that is making a difference in this world and in the world to come. That’s why Jesus came.

Pastor Victor Engbrecht with his wife Eileen

Pastor Victor & Eileen Engbrecht

(Associate Pastor)

My journey to faith was a pursuit for truth. My sin stood between me and God, the creator of heaven and earth. This was not a problem I could resolve. The answers available to me were unsatisfactory for this dilemma, until I received the Scriptures for what they truly are, the Word of God. My decision was to accept the Scriptures as truth, whether I understood them or not, and to obey what I understood. Upon this decision I was able to see that it is the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ that reconciles me to God, and that through Him I have forgiveness of sin and eternal life. Today it is my joy to serve at Winkler Bergthaler Mennonite Church because this church has also chosen to anchor itself in the Word of God. Together we trust that as we are obedient to the Truth, Christ will build his church. May we be found faithful.

Susan Klassen

Susan Klassen

(Administrative Secretary)

Edwin Siemens with his family

Edwin Siemens


Hank & Carol Klassen

Hank Klassen